trish laughing with children


In the summer of 1993, our family moved to Sierra Leone, West Africa to do mission work. A brutal civil war had been raging for more than two years, and it was taking a toll on the people, especially the children, and we wanted to help.

It was during this time that we met a young man named Bambay. Like many young men living in Sierra Leone during this time, Bambay had both of his arms cut off by rebel soldiers. But his spirit remained firmly intact.

My Mom had that spirit, too. Her name was Patricia Turkovich, but the kids just called her “Trish”.

With a shared passion for taking care of the least among us, Trish and Bambay time and time again, gave selflessly to make sure that the children around them had the things they needed to survive, and,importantly, that they felt loved.

In 1997, our mission ended, and we moved home. It was no surprise when we learned that Bambay and his wife had set up an orphanage to care for children who lost their parents during the Ebola crisis.Trish sent money to the orphanage every chance she got, even when she didn’t have it to give, because she knew that every dollar (every cent!) made a difference to those kids.

Trish’s enduring dream was to return to Sierra Leone and rejoin the effort. Sadly, she never got that chance. In June of 2020, after a brief and unspeakably difficult battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, my Mom passed away. But her spirit lives on.

We were deeply honored when Bambay informed us that the orphanage would be called “Trish House”. Through our foundation, my family is deeply committed to supporting Trish House and the many children that call it home.

Please join us in honoring my Mom's legacy in this important endeavor.